Our Clients

Welsh Financial Group represents a diverse mix of successful individuals, families and business owners who recognize the important role that professional guidance and a comprehensive wealth management strategy plays in the pursuit of financial stability and independence. Our clients are often quite capable of handling many of their own financial matters; however, they appreciate the additional time and freedom professional wealth management provides to pursue their own passions in life from focusing on business and family, to spending more time on volunteer and leisure activities.

Creating wealth has many challenges; financial resources must be developed and protected throughout all three wealth phases: Accumulation, Distribution and Conservation. Welsh Financial Group works closely with your CPA, tax attorney and your other trusted professionals to make certain all phases are addressed.

Our Clients:

  • Believe that coordinating and managing today's financial decisions may put them on a better path in working towards goals.

  • Prefer to work with a fee-based professional advisor who acts as their personal advocate in all aspects of their financial lives.

  • Require their financial advisors to offer objective advice and access to professional research and non-proprietary financial program.

  • Embrace the idea of leaving a “legacy,” because it captures all facets of an individual's life – including their family traditions, history, life stories, values, and wishes.