Our Partnership 


LPL Financial is one of the nation's leading financial services companies and a publicly traded company under ticker symbol LPLA. Supporting approximately 16,000 financial professionals, LPL enables WFG to focus on our clients by reducing the complexity of running our practice. LPL Financial provides the tools, technology, and support we need to manage a successful practice. Backed by LPL's substantial resources, WFG can focus on what we do best—provide you with prudent financial guidance and advice.

  • Integrated technology — LPL's integrated, web-based technology platform allows WFG to manage critical aspects of our business while remaining highly efficient and responsive to our client's needs. Time-consuming processes—such as account opening and management, document imaging, transaction execution, and account rebalancing—are automated to improve efficiency and accuracy. With LPL Financial focused on technology, we are able to focus on what is most important: growing and protecting our client's assets.
  • Independent research — LPL's Research team provides unbiased research on mutual funds, separate accounts, annuities, alternative investments, equities, fixed-income securities, and more. With a focus on performance, service, and transparency, the research team delivers timely perspectives on the ever-changing economic marketplace, helping WFG's clients understand and adjust to the latest development.
  • Practice management programs and training — LPL Financial constantly seeks ways to help us increase our service to our clients. LPL's experience and leadership in our industry, as well as the size and diversity of its customer base, give it the ability to benchmark the best practices of successful financial advisors and financial institution-based investment programs. In addition, LPL is able to dedicate an experienced and diverse set of professionals to work with WFG, helping us to build and manage our business and client relationships through one-on-one consulting and group training.
  • Comprehensive clearing and compliance services — LPL Financial custodies and clears the majority of our transactions, providing expedited processing capabilities—all backed by robust and responsive service center and operations organizations focused on providing timely, accurate, and consistent support.

In addition, LPL's 300-person Compliance team provides oversight of many diverse compliance and monitoring requirements. LPL serves as a true business partner to Welsh Financial Group, working closely with us and acting proactively on our behalf so we can run a compliant practice. By seamlessly integrating compliance functionality into our practice, LPL enables many of our procedures to be fully automated. With LPL Financial focusing on back-office service and support, WFG is able to focus on our clients' future rather than on logistics.